Terms of Service

Kate Smallwood of Devious Cat Design is the Artist.
The reader is the Commissioner.

Terms of service are subject to change without notice. If the Commissioner has requested an order, this means the Commissioner has read, understood, and agreed to the Artist’s terms, which is written on this page.

Violation or disregard of the Artist’s terms will:
– Rescind any art commissioned by the Artist.
– Refund payment(s) (if applicable).
– Ban the Commissioner from commissioning the Artist again

The Artist has certain styles which will not be changed, and the Artist will not emulate another Artist’s style.

All references to $ or dollars are references to Australian Dollars (AUD).

The Artist accepts payments through PayPal only. The Artist will receive 100% of the commission cost after the Sketch has been finalised. The Commissioner will not be able to request changes after the sketch has been approved. An invoice will be sent to the Commissioner via email or social media.

The Commissioner will not be refunded if they request a cancellation after the sketch has been approved. The Artist has the full right to cancel an order for whatever reason and without explanation, and the Commissioner will be refunded in full.

Digital Illustration, Character Design and Digital Pen / Ink Portrait commissions will be delivered in the following digital formats – JPG,  PNG and PDF. There is no hardcopy unless otherwise specified and organised.

The Artist  fully owns the copyright to the artwork of your commission. The Artist does not own the idea of the character IF the idea belongs to the Commissioner, or IF it is a Fan Art.

Commissioners may NOT redistribute, reproduce, make merchandise of, or otherwise profit from the commissioned artwork whether for real or digital currency. Commissioners may NOT edit, trace, or steal the commissioned artwork for any reason whatsoever.

Commissioners may post the artwork online ONLY with credit at all times as follows: @deviouscatdesign. The Artist retains the right to post the commission online for promotional purposes, including using it as part of their Portfolio.

Although the Artist will take the utmost care when working on the commission, the Artist accepts no liability for any loss or damages after the commission is complete and successfully received by the Commissioner. This includes any paint damages to hand-painted custom clothing, however the damage may have occurred, including washing / cleaning the clothing. If washing damages occur, the Artist can assist in fixing at a cost to the Commissioner, if the Commissioner wishes.