What I Do

Digital Illustration

Tools: Adobe Photoshop + Wacom Intuos Pro + iPad Pro + Procreate

My true passion is creating illustrations of my fantasy characters, all of which have their own stories and personalities. These paintings can take from 10 – 30+ hours to complete, jumping between iPad and computer + Wacom tablet to complete. I love the escapism of creating this type of artwork.

Pen / Ink Portraits

Tools: digital or traditional pen / ink style portraits on watercolour paper

A long time favourite style, now a popular go-to for unique gifts (particularly with pets as the subject). This style is one of my faster ones, spending 1-3 hours depending on complexity. I do this style in both traditional and digital.

Custom Clothing

Tools: fabric paints, acrylic paints + textile medium
A more recent style has been my journey into painting clothing. Having never been overly practised in acrylic painting, it was a big change from what I was used to. However, with sticking with it, it is now one of my favourite and most successful styles. Depending on size, timeframes vary from a couple of hours to 30+ hours. Denim is definitely my preferred material to use, because of the sturdiness of it.