Tools: Adobe Photoshop / Procreate + Wacom Intuos Pro / iPad Pro // 2020 - 2024

Chasm, formally Mallorus Maelstrom, is a troubled being cursed with immortality. Hailing from the land of Zath, a barren and dangerous land filled with unspeakable horrors, where no regular being would dare to venture, his whole mortal life consisted of fighting for survival and witnessing terrifying things a child should not see. After the loss of his parents, the dark beings of the land took him in, moulding him into a strong and relentless man. After encountering a mysterious creature named Zavion, he is now doomed to wander the land without ever experiencing the release of death. Changing his name to mirror the pitch black abyss of his home land, Chasm sank further into a cold and lonely demeanor as he travelled across the vast land, looking for something – anything – to entertain him.