Vennin & Naida Ironvalor

Vennin is one of the First Beings on the First Planet. His calm and collected exterior is all he would show to the majority of the community, for on the inside, a dark force brewed. He is instilled with the Essence of Power, making him a mastermind in manipulation. Naida Ironvalor is his Soulmate, and together they have one son, Everett.

Naida is instilled with the Essence of Passion, which compliments Vennin’s strong ideas, as she always wants him to put everything into his calling. She isn’t afraid to show her feelings for him in front of others, which can sometimes stir up some emotions.

The Chaos would be the end of their beautiful love. When Naida’s life is taken, Vennin is thrust into a frenzy with no return, lashing out at all who would get in his way. His hatred for the world in which he lives, the creatures whom gave him life, they suffered his wrath. Vennin vowed to destroy it all, everything that the Celestials created, because in his eyes, it was all a failure since his Naida had not been able to live. His hatred transformed him into a monster – an Empyrean – a creature more powerful than the Celestials.