Armaros & Azaea Goldwater

Armaros is one of the First Beings on the First Planet. His bravery earned him the title of The Protector, also known as The King. He puts the safety and wellbeing of his people before his own, fighting tooth and nail to defend them and their home. He is instilled with the Essence of Ambition, guiding him on his path as a leader. Azaea Goldwater is his Soulmate, and together they have two sons, Layke and Dirga. He survived The Chaos and The World Split, continuing to lift up his people despite the heavy grief of those events.

Azaea is instilled with the Essence of Judgement, making her a natural Queen alongside Armaros. She is responsible for enforcing order in her people to ensure they are safe within the community. Unfortunately, Azaea’s strong spirit resulted in her death during The Chaos, leaving Armaros alone to pick up the pieces of the destruction left in it’s wake.