Devious Cat Design

The Goldwaters

The Goldwaters Tools: Adobe Photoshop + Wacom Intuos Pro + iPad Pro + Procreate The Goldwaters are the hierarchical family that ruled the First Planet, and continued to rule through the Chaos and the World Split events. Armaros was the First Being of the Goldwater line, awakening with the Essence of Ambition. It was this

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Devious Cat Design

Extreme Tone

Extreme Tone Tools: Adobe Photoshop + Wacom Intuos Pro​ A photo manipulation technique that I learnt during my time at art college, incorporating the original photo, photo editing, and touching up with digital painting skills. This was more of a short term style for me, but wouldn’t be against trying it again in the future.

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Devious Cat Design

Wolf Doodles

Wolf Doodles Tools: traditional pen / ink style drawings on watercolour paper Doodling has always been important to me as an artist, and my love for wolves went hand in hand with this. During high school art classes, I learnt pen techniques and used wolves, and other little demon creatures, as my subjects to practise.

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Devious Cat Design


Chasm Tools: Adobe Photoshop / Procreate + Wacom Intuos Pro / iPad Pro // 2020 – 2024 Chasm, formally Mallorus Maelstrom, is a troubled being cursed with immortality. Hailing from the land of Zath, a barren and dangerous land filled with unspeakable horrors, where no regular being would dare to venture, his whole mortal life

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