Kizar & Adeliza Alpenspirit

Kizar is one of the First Beings on the First Planet. His strong and positive outlook earned Armaros’ loyalty swiftly, landing him a position at The King’s side. His playful spirit however can sometimes cloud his view. He is instilled with the Essence of Pride, solidifying his warrior-like lifestyle. Adeliza Alpenspirit is his Soulmate, and together they have three daughters, Marilla, Elinora and Osagina.

Adeliza is instilled with the Essence of Envy, which often clashes with Kizar’s personality. She often finds herself in his shadow, and sometimes finds it unbearable to deal with. Despite this, she continually supports him.

The Chaos would be their downfall, as Adeliza’s dark side would overrun her completely, intrusive thoughts forcing her into committing unspeakable acts. Kizar was not affected by The Chaos, but would inevitably lose his life whilst trying to defend Adeliza.